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Kindful integration

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Emma’s integration with Kindful is a third-party integration not developed by Emma and is not supported directly. Head here for additional help.

Using Kindful, insert Donate links into your mailings and track the success of your emails based on donations.

  1. In your Kindful settings, select Integrations from the lefthand menu.
  2. Find the Emma section, and follow the steps to integrate Emma and Kindful, starting with getting your API credentials. Enter these credentials into your Emma Configuration on your Kindful page.
  3. Map your Emma data into matching Kindful fields to make sure the fields match directly when a new donor profile is created. Click and drag the green buttons over the white Person Fields, and click MAP! to begin the integration.
  4. Once it's completed, you'll start to see new activities on your Activity Trail, like open and click rates.
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