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Understanding your account settings

Your account settings page stores important information about your account. You can access this page by clicking the tools icon at the top-right of your account and clicking Settings & billing. Below is a rundown of all the information you'll see there.

In the Recent activity box

How many mailings you've sent so far this month, or view a month-by-month tally of all of the mailings you've sent. Use this tool to determine the best monthly plan for you.

On the Billing tab

  • Your plan: See your current monthly billing plan, and click Edit to upgrade or downgrade according to your needs. Click here for more information about changing your plan.
  • Your invoices: View your most recent invoice (and click the Pay it now button if you need to make a payment), or click View past invoices to see details for any previous invoice.
  • Your billing info: Click Edit to update your credit card and billing contact information. Emailed invoices or receipts will be sent to the primary billing contact and the secondary email address, if designated. Make sure the billing address matches the address associated with the credit card you have on file, and click Save.
  • Your account add-ons: Enable or disable added features (like surveys) for your account by clicking Edit, making your changes and clicking Save.

On the Sender info tab

  • From name & address: Who your emails will appear to be from.
  • Time zone: Not sure which time zone to choose? Contact us.
  • RSVP address: The physical mailing address associated with your account.

On the Account basics tab

  • Your account name and your login username: Your account name will appear on your invoices, while your username allows you to access your account.
  • Store your account's Primary contact information here. This will ensure you're receiving important updates about new features, system maintenance and other account-related news.

On the Add-Ons tab

  • Featured integrations: The current integrations that are being highlighted.
  • Other Integrations: Integrations available with your account, like Guestbook and Metric.

On the API key tab

  • An API key pair gives programmatic access to your account, allowing you to integrate your outside application with your account. For more information, please check out our open API.

On the Notifications tab

  • Turn on or off the summary email that goes to you 24 hours after your mailing is sent. This email includes the mailing score and a static image of the click map, and it sends to the email address specified on this tab.
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