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Understanding your account settings

The account settings section of the application stores important information about your account. You can access this information and more by clicking the your name at the top-right of your account. A dropdown is revealed giving you the option to view important information about your account. This article details all the information account Administrators will see there. Users with permission levels other than Administrator may not have access to some areas and functions.


  • Basics: View and edit your username.
  • Password: Update password.
  • Security: Enable two-factor authentication.


  • Users: Search, view, invite, edit, and delete users in your account.
  • Invitations: Invite, view or delete pending invitations.


  • Basics: View and edit your account name, email or time zone associated with your account. Also, you can manage your email preferences to choose which marketing emails you'd like to receive from Emma.
  • Sender Info: Set or edit the default "sent from" name and email address. Also, for CAN-SPAM compliance, you'll need to set a valid mailing address to be used in the footer of your mailings.
  • API Key: Generate, delete, or regenerate your public or private API key.
  • Notifications: Enter email addresses that should receive the 24-hour response summary email.
  • Custom URLs: Set a custom URL for your Landing Pages (Plus and Emma HQ accounts only)


  • Plan & Usage: See your current monthly billing plan, and your account usage for the current month and previous months. Click Request upgrade to inquire about changing your plan and a representative from our Existing Business team will reach back out via email to discuss.
  • Payment & Invoices: Edit your payment method and view or pay your most recent invoice.
  • Contact info: Edit your billing contact information. Emailed invoices or receipts will be sent to the primary billing contact and the secondary email address, if designated. Make sure the billing address matches the address associated with the credit card you have on file.


  • Apps: Connect or revoke access to any of your integrated applications

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