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WordPress integration

The Emma for WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your Emma audience as a widget or a shortcode on your WordPress 3.0 or higher site.

After the plugin is installed, the setup page will guide you through entering your Emma API login information, selecting your group, setting up the fields for your form, customizing the form and adding the widget to your site.

  1. You can generate your API keys in your account by clicking the tools icon at the top-right and selecting Settings & billing. You'll see a tab for API key. Click "Generate key" to receive a public API key, private API key and account ID. If you have an Emma HQ account, go to Menu, choose Accounts, click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the sub-account whose keys you want and select to jump into that account's settings. Scroll down to the API key section.
  2. Go to your WordPress account, select Plugins from the lefthand column and click Settings below Emma for WordPress. Copy your account ID, public API key and private API key into the corresponding fields on the plugin's Account Information tab. This allows it to connect your WordPress site to your Emma account. You can select here whether to send a confirmation email. An optional field lets you assign all subscribers to a specific group in your Emma account.
  3. Go to the Form Setup tab. Here, you'll choose which fields to display, set your form's width, customize the placeholder messages within each field, and customize the message that displays under the form after it has been submitted. Click Save.
  4. Go to the Form Customization tab. This is where you will select how you would like the form to be displayed on your site (vertical or horizontal), customize the styles of your form fields (including border width, border color, border type, text color and background color), customize the styles of your form’s submit button (including width, text color, background color, border width, border color and border type) and customize the styles of your form's submit button when users hover on it. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Advanced Settings tab. This is where you'll add tracking code to each signup form submission. Paste your code into the box, and click Save.


How do I put the form on my website?

Once you have activated the plugin, copied your Emma account's API keys and account ID, and configured your Emma for WordPress settings, you have two options for adding the form to your site:

  1. Widget: If you'd like to add the form to a widget area, go to Appearance, then Widgets. This plugin comes with a widget called Emma for Wordpress Subscription Form. The widgets are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Shortcode: If you'd like to add the form to another area on your site, you can use the Emma shortcode. Simply type [emma_form] in the HTML view in the post editor. Click here for more information on shortcodes.

How do I add members to a specific group?

Once you've configured the plugin, and entered your API keys and account ID, navigate from the Dashboard to Settings, and choose Emma for WordPress. Under the Account information tab, there's a dropdown menu under Add New Members to Group. From here, you can select the group to which new contacts should be added.

Can I set up an automated workflow using my WordPress form?

You sure can. You can trigger a workflow when:

  1. Someone subscribes to a specific group from a specific signup form (both configured on the WordPress side). In order to trigger automation from a specific signup form, you'll need to specify, in Wordpress, the signup ID associated with that classic signup form. You'll find that on the publish page of that classic signup form. Then, in Emma's automation, you'll need to choose the same signup form.
  2. Someone subscribes to a specific group from any signup form (also both configured on the WordPress side)
  3. When someone subscribes to any group from any signup form

Scenarios that won't work are when:

  1. No group is specified in your WordPress plugin (that field isn't required, though we recommend specifying a group so your contacts are added where you can easily send to them)
  2. You don't have any groups in your account (which won't allow you to activate the plugin)



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