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Zapier integration

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Using Zapier, connect with more than 100 services (and counting) to easily manage your data and automate tasks. When an event happens in one app, Zapier notices the change and performs the task in the second, connected app.

That connection between two apps is called a Zap, and you can view all available Zaps here.

  1. Go to Zapier, create a Zapier account and sign in.
  2. Click Make a Zap! at the top-right, and choose a trigger. You can choose a popular one or make your own by choosing a trigger and action; view the options here. Beneath each trigger and action are the options for that connection. Click Continue.
  3. Connect your Emma account (or select it from the dropdown menu, if you've already connected). Click Continue. Select your account for the service with which you're connecting, log into it and click Continue.
  4. Under Filter, you can limit your results beyond what's offered; say, you only want to receive one field of data. This is optional.
  5. In the fifth step, you'll have fields specific to the app or service with which you're connecting. If you're using Emma as a trigger, you'll likely want to use some of your account's contacts fields. Click Insert fields to choose from a list of contact fields you can pass through. Click Continue.
  6. Test the Zap by pulling in sample data. Click Continue.
  7. Name and activate the Zap by clicking Turn Zap on. Once you turn it on, it will keep running instantly.
  8. Now you can go to your Dashboard to view all Zaps that are on or off. This is also where you can rename, edit, view the history of, copy and delete Zaps.
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