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3 reasons to test your mailings

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  1. Testing ensures you have a small group of people clicking on your links first before you send out to your entire audience. These people can click your email's links to make sure they go to the right websites, and it's the kind of thing that keeps you from sending your whole audience to instead of
  2. Testing gives you the opportunity to see how your email will look on a mobile device. You can make sure your message is clear, even on that small screen, and that your email is easy to navigate on a smart phone.
  3. Testing lets you get early feedback on things like subject lines, headlines and how it all looks put together.


Oh, and the icing on the testing cake? Your account comes with the ability to create test groups, and you can send a test to up to 10 contacts at a time. So go ahead, test away and eat some cake (you deserve it).

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