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4 tips for how to give back with your email marketing

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We salute you if you've resolved to have your email marketing to do some good. It sure beats less-worthy resolutions like wearing more chartreuse or wearing more mittens or even wearing more chartreuse mittens. Anyhoo. Your email mailings give you a wonderful resource to connect the email subscribers you work with to the causes you love. Without further ado, here are four tips to get you started:

  1. Showcase the nonprofits your employees care about. Chances are, your staffers are already involved with fantastic nonprofits, and they'll happily speak to why they donate, volunteer or advocate for their group. By featuring employees alongside the groups they support, you'll not only introduce your subscribers to great organizations, but you'll also have a rather personal way to introduce your employees. Even that Phil guy who's always trying to make conversation with the office toaster.
  2. Donate on behalf of survey-takers. For every person who takes your survey, offer to make a small donation on their behalf to your organization's favorite nonprofit. Or randomly select a few survey-takers and let them use your fund to make a more sizeable donation to a nonprofit they know and love.
  3. Give a portion of a sales promotion to a good cause. Hold a promotion on a specific day or during an entire week to drum up support for your business and your favorite charity. Oh, and don't forget to report back to your subscribers with the results of how much support they helped to raise.
  4. Share volunteer opportunities. Remind your subscribers about the importance of supporting nonprofits by volunteering time and energy, too. List specific volunteer needs for a single organization or link to a site like to help people find volunteer opportunities that are right for them.

We hope these suggestions inspire your own unique ways of giving back. Let us know how you put 'em to use. Or where a person can pick up a good pair of chartreuse mittens.

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