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5 tips for kick-starting your email marketing

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If you've been doing the same thing with your email marketing for a few months, now's a good time to refocus (or, even, restart). Here are five tips for kick-starting your email marketing now.

  1. Give yourself a check-up. As you're thinking about what's next with your email marketing efforts, start by taking a look at where you've been. On your Response page, you can compare up to five mailings in a handy, easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet. And remember, those numbers are more than just raw data -- they're your audience telling you what piques their interest and, well, what doesn't. Once you know what people like, crafting a newsletter to their liking will be even easier.
  2. Create an automated welcome newsletter. Our brainy friends at Marketing Sherpa tell us that folks are never more likely to click, read and respond than when they first sign up to receive your emails. With that in mind, why not send welcome greetings with a special newsletter that's automatically triggered when someone new joins your list? You compose the welcome mailing, perhaps with a special offer for newcomers, and set it up to be delivered within a few minutes or hours of someone subscribing. Then, just sit back while we take over the welcoming committee duties for you (just without the streamers and the curiously-strong fruit punch -- we'll still leave that to you, kemosabe).
  3. Ask your audience for more information. You're getting to launch your long awaited "Congratulations, you're from Ohio" mailing when you realize that you've never bothered to ask just where your subscribers call home. It's clear you need to find out a little bit more about your audience. After all, the savvy marketers out there send smaller, more targeted mailings based on interest, gender, location and more -- and in the end, they tend to boast higher click-through and open rates when they do. So, what's the best way to get more information? Start by heading over to your account-powered signup screen and adding a few more fields that ask for the information you need. Then, in your next mailing, include a personalized link that takes each person straight to his or her own profile to update those newly added fields.
    To learn how, read more about adding personalization fields to your mailings.
  4. Plan a targeted follow-up mailing. If you've got a special event or sale this fall, draft a second follow-up note that you can send to the most interested members of your audience -- those folks who open your newsletter or click a particular link in it. Take advantage or our real-time response tracking that shows you just who clicked what and who opened when. It's a wealth of information beyond a standard Outlook email, and we've made it easy to target that smaller group as your event, sale, or membership drive approaches.
  5. Reach out to your inactive members. Moment of honesty, old chap: there are people lurking among your subscriber list who haven't opened your emails in six months, a year or (gasp) ever. It's tough to admit, we know. It's also tough to know just what to do next with that list of folks. The majority of marketers simply delete those members after they've found 'em. But before you join that crowd, reach out with a mailing specifically designed for those lurking people -- lurkers, let's call them. Maybe they're waiting for that tempting offer in the subject line. Or perhaps the recent topics you've covered haven't applied to their interests. By letting them know they may be removed from the list, you can extend the choice for people to renew their interest in your newsletter, instead of making the decision for them.
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