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Tips for spreading your nonprofit's message and gaining donations

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Whether you’re heading into your slow season or ramping up for a donation drive, now’s a good time to polish your email marketing mailing.

  1. Put a Donate button in every email you send, and link it to your online giving form. Our designers can build this button right into your template so that you never overlook that opportunity, or you can use the editor's button block. Also, think about the placement of that button: You want it to be near the top so that even recipients who view your email in a preview pane can click through to make a gift.
  2. Enlist help. If you have a small staff, consider getting the help of a volunteer to write your regular emails. You can still use your account to send out more timely event notifications or fundraising appeals, but if the idea of writing a monthly newsletter feels daunting to you, go ahead and tap that board member who has marketing experience or a writing background, and just let them run with it.
  3. Go beyond the newsletter by using your account for efforts like invitations, membership registrations, surveys and renewal notices. You'll not only save money on not using other vendors, but you'll also save a few trees along the way.
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