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Making use of the interactive chart in Response

We've taken the response numbers already available to you on your Response page and put them in chart form to give you a clear picture of how your mailings are performing. The chart will help you spot trends that can inform you of changes you can make to keep your contacts engaged and your response numbers consistent. Here's a quick guide to handling four common email marketing scenarios that are easier to spot because of the interactive chart feature.

Sending too frequently

If your clicks and opens drop during months when you're sending more mailings than usual, your audience may be telling you that you're sending too many emails. Consider consolidating your content so that you're sending fewer emails, or do some additional segmenting to be sure that what you're sending is relevant to the select group of people receiving them.

Sending with no consistency

If the mailings, opens and click lines resemble the jagged peaks of an irregular mountain range, try mapping out a consistent sending schedule to set contacts' expectations. Remember, it's quality over quantity, so don't feel like you have to send every week (or day). Spend some time planning a content strategy that gets you sending regularly. Once you identify what your most popular mailings have in common -- a morning send-off time or a a certain kind of content, for example -- incorporate those into your newfound plan.

Declining open rates coupled with better click-through rates

This can be a confusing scenario. You can see by the chart that fewer people are opening your emails, but those who are, are clicking on everything and digging the content. You may have lost the interest of most of your audience, but you can win them back. Be sure your signup forms are in the right place to collect names from people truly interested in your organization, send a survey asking what your audience wants to hear from you or try mixing things up with your subject lines to see if you can encourage additional opens.

Declining open and click-through rates

Nobody likes to see this chart, but it happens to the best of us. It's OK -- You're in control of bringing those open and click-through numbers back up again. Take a fresh look at your content and sending strategy. Think about new ways your emails can bring value to your subscribers, whether it's new content, different promotions or something else entirely. Consider a new design look, or try laying out your content in a different way. Some users have sent a survey to learn what their subscribers like best and what they prefer to see less of, and then used the feedback to relaunch their newsletter strategy. It's a fantastic way to build better relationships with your members and have better email results to show for it.

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