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Promote your mailing

Here are all the built-in ways you can promote your mailings and gain new subscribers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Enable social sharing

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Anytime you're creating a mailing, you can customize the social sharing icons that appear up top. These let your recipients easily click to share your content on their social networks, which expands the reach of your mailing and helps promote your brand in new places. 

Post your mailings to your social sites

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Once you've sent your mailing, you're prompted to post it to your own Twitter and Facebook account. Do a one-time authentication of your social accounts and have one-click access to post mailings for your broader social audience. 

Promote your signup form on social media


Give your social followers a chance to join your email list! Link to your signup form on Twitter and LinkedIn, and embed the form on your Facebook page. Be sure to explain the value of subscribing.

Use the editor's Follow block

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Easily include links to your social pages to drive traffic to those efforts and create fans for life. That's the end goal, right?

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