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Tips for using the drag & drop editor

The drag & drop editor is chock full of features designed to make creating emails easier and more fun (really). Here are just some of the ways you can make your own design changes, edit content on the fly and save time without compromising style.


1. You can customize your template

Look for options to change your template's background color, accent colors and more at the top of your mailing.

2. You can add a column where you want one

Change the layout of your mailing from one column to two (or three) by clicking the Columns link at the top.

3. You can arrange (and rearrange) content blocks any way you please
moving an image.png 

Drag in any content block from the menu to the left, and rearrange the blocks by clicking the arrow icon at the top of any block. Look for the areas marked "drop" to select your placement.

4. You can make your images clickable

To add a link to an image, click the image and type a URL into the link field.

5. You can add captions to your images

Click the gear icon at the top of a content block to turn on image captions in that block.

6. You can clear your text formatting with just one click

Is your text not formatting correctly? Bringing in formatted text from other programs like Microsoft Word can cause unexpected results. We suggest first pasting your content into a plaintext program on your computer. Or, start fresh by using the Remove Formatting button, and then use the toolbar to assign text styles. You can also paste in your text already formatted.

7. You have design options (and lots of them)
design options.png

Click the gear icon at the top of a content block to add a background color, border, or to adjust margins and padding. Here you can also control text wrapping, number of images and image positioning within a block.

8. You can rename your mailing to whatever you like

Assign an internal name for your mailing to keep organized. Click the title of your mailing to rename it.

9. You can undo what you don't love

Did you make a change that isn't quite right? Click the Revert button to see previous versions within that single editing session. With a campaign open, Emma will check every 15 seconds to see if you've made changes to your mailing and save that version of your mailing, which can be found here. We will save up to 30 versions per editing session, at which point the older ones begin to roll off.  

10. You can send a test without leaving the editor

See how your email looks in the inbox at any time. Click Send Test to mail to up to 25 recipients, and we'll automatically add [TEST] to the subject line. You can also add a note to you testing recipients.

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