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Ads & sponsorships in your emails

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Have you thought about using ads and sponsorships in your mailings to help offset your marketing costs? You should -- It's a fantastic idea. You can cover the cost of your email, or you can even generate a little profit that can be used to send more emails, or to fund your next beach vacation (it’ll be our secret). Here are five tips:

  1. Keep it simple. Create a layout with image placeholders for ads and logos.
  2. Settle on what your ad specs will be. How many will you include? What about their size and location? Just do a little planning from the get-go so you're prepared to pitch to ad partners.
  3. Not sure what to promote? Go ahead and include a call for sponsors in your next email, and see what happens.
  4. When placing an ad in your email, be sure to link both an image and some text to the sponsor's website. Our link-tracking will help you show your sponsor the return on their investment.
  5. Consider offering sponsorship packages at a discount. It will cut down on the administrative work and ensure long-term buy-in.
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